Long time, no see!

Hi. It’s me. Remember?

Yeah, so I haven’t been terribly active on this page in the last few weeks. Not to make excuses, but (you know that means an excuse is coming, right?), things have been very busy, first with the run-up to the Youth Gathering, then there was the Youth Gathering itself, and finally there has been a lot of catching up following the Youth Gathering. If you guys feel neglected, you should talk to my office, which looks like a bomb went off in there.

Anyway, I’m back now – though I’m heading out on vacation next week. Before I go, I wanted to give you a glimpse at a plan of things I’d like to talk about on here over the next day or two prior to abandoning you once again.

So, things I need to cover include:
1.) Some follow-up from our “First 15” discussions based on a lectio divina reading of the ELW hymn “All are Welcome;”

2.) Some follow-up on our Town Hall session with Cynthia Gustavson;

3.) Youth Gathering reflections.

I’m going to do these over three posts, for ease of navigation, should you want to come back to the posts later.

So, there we are. Now I’m off to write the first post!

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