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Here’s a link to a blog entry called “Why I Still Call Myself a Christian,” which I wanted to share with you all – not because it’s a good article (it is), but in particular because of some of the comments that show up in the comment feed of the guy whose Facebook page I took this from. In light of our recent conversations about doing things differently for the sake of proclaiming the gospel (Jesus) to people outside of our currently gathered community, these things are important for us to hear. I’m just going to list them here for your collective reflection.

“I couldn’t agree more with Caleb on this. I long ago stopped understanding my Christianity as having anything to do with my adhering to a particular set of beliefs, or in my rejecting of others. I’ve also long ago had to mentally cut ties to many portions of the monolith of Christendom, while maintaining a devotion to, and fascination with, the person of Jesus. I am a Christian, not because I dent a pew, add mass to an offering bag, giddily agree to certain rules, or accept everything a particular denomination tells me is orthodox. I am a Christian because I follow the person of Jesus. Period.” (JT)

Really good and true of where I find myself too. Non of the frills and thrills do it for me anymore it’s Jesus only.” (HG)

“Yes! I bet if I did a survey of my friends 99% of them would define a Christian as one who goes to church and follows the rules. There would be little to no mention of following Jesus.” (LM)


  1. James Mack Noble says:

    The Sermon on the Mount does not prescribe a creed. The Sermon presents the Good News of the character of the Kingdom of Heaven. We are also assured that this kingdom is “at hand.” Matthew bares witness that Jesus taught that this is so.


    1. Robaigh says:

      You’ll get no disagreement from me there, James Mack Noble. I wonder if you had a particular reason to post that. Was it prompted by something I wrote here? My blog name? Just curious if you’d care to elaborate.


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