Morning Mediation & Movement 30 April 2020

Falun Gong Exercise 4

This morning we heard a bit from Fr. Richard Rohr concerning “original goodness” from his book The Universal Christ. Original goodness, aka “original blessing,” “original innocence,” original “unwoundedness” has to do with the entirety of creation bearing the thumbprint of the Maker. Everything is created in the Divine Image. We just forget about it, and pretty soon, we stop believing it. I think this is why there is so much self-medication in the world: We’ve forgotten that WE are bearers of that imago Dei, and we self-medicate in order to hide the pain of the thing we’ve lost. Maybe we use drugs or alcohol or food or that great, American form of Mammon — “busyness” or “productivity” — to do our hiding. But we do it, and it takes an un-blocking to reclaim that.

Today we learned the Falun Gong exercise #4. This one is called “Cosmic Orbit” and what it relates to in some ways, is the recognition that we are in the cosmos and the cosmos is in us. We are inseparable from the creation. But that’s another thing we forget. We isolate ourselves from the creation, and we isolate ourselves from the Creator. It’s sad and painful. But the good news is that this separation is illusory, and we can reclaim it. That’s part of the reason we do the exercises. We need to get back into our bodies, to know (as I borrowed it from Cynthia Bourgeault in some other post somewhere) “where our feet are.” Because we are embodied, created beings, made to belong in the context in which the Creator placed us. We belong! We are children of God! We need to feel our bodies, as well as our emotions, as well as our thoughts. To be human is to exist in that trinitarian mode: body, mind, spirit.

So we practice. If you don’t practice Falun Gong or Qigong or T’ai chi, it doesn’t matter. This is just something that I like and am happy to share with you. Find your own way, if this doesn’t float your boat. But remember, we all belong, and all of us — each part — belongs. It’s wholeness, integration, Shalom.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have. Feel free to share your experiences with what we’ve done here as well as the things YOU do that remind you of original blessing and the presence and image of God in all things. Looking forward to your thoughts!

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