Well, That was Unexpected

Monday afternoon I retreated from the sound of my kids playing loudly in the living room to my bedroom to watch some YouTube videos. I was in the middle of one about car drivers doing crazy and dangerous things around motorcyclists when I started feeling a pressure/pain in my chest. I had been having neck pains for a few days already.

At first I thought nothing of it. I’m getting old and random pains seem to come with the territory. But then the pain started getting more intense. Standing up to see whether that might help (it didn’t), I began feeling dizzy.
So I went out to the living room to tell Christy that I might have to go to the ER. She suggested I call my GP, which I did. Her office told me to go to the ER.

I was going to blow it off, thinking, “surely I’m overreacting.” But then my left arm started feeling kind of numb. And then I was seeing two lamps where there was only one. That clinched it.

Christy drove me to the ER and dropped me off. Kids were at home, and they didn’t need any added anxiety. The folks at St. Francis got me back to the triage room pretty quickly for an EKG and a blood test. They were also pretty quick about getting me an Xray. They weren’t even too bad about getting me back into triage for a second EKG (standard procedure). But after that, there was a lot of waiting. I mean, a LOT of waiting. In all, it was something like 6.5 hours before I got called back to the ER exam room, where I got hooked up to all the machines.

Once they put me in that exam room, it was more waiting. All things considered, I handled it fairly well. Didn’t get mad. Didn’t get anxious. I just sat back and breathed. But my phone battery was rapidly dying. That was my biggest concern, because I was afraid it would be hard to reach Christy to come pick me up.

I need not have worried, because, as it turns out, they were admitting me overnight so that they could run me through a stress test in the morning. The arm pain and the double vision were really troubling to the hospitalist, especially because my blood pressure was really high. There was some concern about a stroke.

That was all fine and good. The only problem was that the hospital had no beds, so I was “stuck” in the ER exam room all night until about 10 the next morning when they came and got me for my stress test.

Stress test was grand. Apparently, my heart is very strong. I did have to wait until around 4 pm (thus making this whole adventure a 26-hour ordeal) to find out, but I’m glad for the lack of a need for concern. It’s freaky that there appears to be no physiological reason for my symptoms. Maybe it was stress. Things have been pretty insane lately.

In any case, I thought I’d write up a little something just to let you know where I’ve been the last little while. Many people from Facebook World sent prayers, positive vibes, and good JuJu, all of which is very much appreciated. It’s behind me now, and I don’t care to talk much about it, but I thought you all should know.

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