Wisdom Post #1

Some weeks back, I wrote about some “Wisdom” work I began doing over the summer. How I wound up in that spot is a long story, and maybe we’ll get into it some day, but the immediate context for this push was an online “Introduction to Wisdom” course through the Center for Action and Contemplation led by Episcopal priest and long-time mystic Cynthia Bourgeault.

First of all, it seems a little brazen to apply the word “wisdom” to one’s learning. That seems to sound a little like saying, “I have acquired a great deal of knowledge for myself, which I will now condescend to pass unto you, mere mortal.” It’s not that at all. As Cynthia points out, “Wisdom is not knowing more, but knowing with more of you – knowing deeper, carving and digging your being deeper and deeper so that it can receive more knowing.” It’s inner work, transformational work, the consequence of which is fuller, more conscious, more abundant living. Its goal is to raise one’s state of being in order to become more open and more present to realities that are already there, but that one can’t see when one’s attention/being is too scattered, divided.

The path I’m on is a decidedly Christian path, taking Jesus as my Wisdom teacher, my moshel moshelim. With that in mind, I’m using the so-called “Gospel” of Thomas as a way into seeing Jesus as the Master who calls his students to an inner transformation, because, frankly, without inner transformation, we keep repeating the endless patterns of destructiveness that have brought us to our current litany of predicaments. And since we can’t control others and their behavior without coercion – a decidedly non-Wisdom activity – it’s better to focus on the plank in our own eye first.

So, this is just a little teaser for later blog posts. I’ll do a little here and a bit there, just for those who are interested in the journey. We’re living in a time where it’s so easy to be scattered and divided, but it’s also a time that demands a singleness of heart. This is important work for our world. I hope you’ll join me or at least enjoy the ride with me. Would love to hear your feedback along the way.

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