In-person Worship, part deux

Hey, all. Been a little quiet here lately as the Looking Forward Taskforce gears up for some phone calls to set up interviews with folks from FELC and PoP, and also since I’ve been on the road to visit my mom.

First thing: Mom update. Apparently there is an appointment with a vascular surgeon floating around out there somewhere. When my niece tried to schedule it, the appointment was sent in the new year, but the doc said that was too far out, so HE would schedule it. Haven’t heard anything since. So that’s about all we know. Thank you again for your indulgence while my family wrestles with all of these health concerns.

Now, onto the update. Last night the CORE COUNCIL met to talk about the usual CORE COUNCIL things. Lately, in-person worship has been one of the recurring topics. House Church, one of our Building Use Partners, would like to do an Advent event, a bit of a self-directed, possibly timed event with various stations for candle lighting, silent prayer, Communion, etc. It sounds like a fantastic idea. However, the CORE folks were concerned about opening the building to Building Use Partners when we weren’t even using the space ourselves yet. So, based on how things went last time, with somewhere between 19 and 23 people in the sanctuary for 40 minutes, we’re gonna try it again.

Beginning on the 1st Sunday of Advent, November 29 (the first Sunday after Thanksgiving), we’re going to try in-person services. The only things I’d like to change, based on last time, have to do with singing, the call-and-response sections, and reading/assistant ministering. Since the space is “small,” the less vaporizing of particles we do, the better. IF you MUST sing, please try to keep it “in your mask.” No diaphragm singing and projection, please. Same with the spoken responses. Your “and also with you” is understood, so there’s no reason to shout it out. And if you’re reading, it would be better to have you come up to a microphone to do it, than to have you standing among the people, masked or not.

Oh, one other thing: you might want to anticipate standing in line before we let you in. In order to keep the time indoors to a minimum, we won’t let people in the door until five minutes before start time. That will avoid having folks breathing in the space for longer than the allowed 40 minutes.

One more note on the service: Our theme for Advent this year is “I Believe Even When.” Week One will still be based on Hope; Week Two on Faithfulness, etc., but the overarching theme is belief in the face of reasons NOT to believe. On our Facebook page, I invited people to contribute their own “I believe even when” statements, and we got a few great submissions. I’d like to extend the invitation again to send yours in, either to the link on FB, if you can find it, or directly to me at

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!


Pr. R.

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