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Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in, so here we are. Plans for Epiphany and the weeks after (leading up to Lent … which begins in the middle of February, if you can believe it. Just around the corner! Eeek!) are coming together nicely. Week one is already planned and we have the skeleton for the rest of the weeks after Epiphany.

With the exception of Epiphany Sunday itself, we’re sticking with Worship Design Studios and their version of a liturgy. The series we’re using is called “God is Holding Your Life.” Since we’re in the grips of this pandemic – still! – and because we’re moving into a new and hopefully better year, this message just seemed really appropriate and needed.

Below is a wee trailer that ought to give you kind of a taste. But Catherine will be playing the music. It won’t be “piped in” via video.

Video Series trailer for “God is Holding Your Life: A Journey of Assurance for the New Year” from Worship Design Studios.

I mentioned that Epiphany Sunday will look a little different from the rest of the weeks. That’s because the first Sunday will be a bit of a hybrid/amalgam worship service, combining elements of Worship Design Studio, Evangelical Lutheran Worship, and a book of liturgies and prayers by Brian Wren. I think it will be nice. Familiar enough to feel pretty good, but with a couple things that are just different enough to (hopefully) keep your attention.

So that’s Epiphany and the weeks leading up to Lent. Lent itself is going to be VERY special this year, because the liturgical music will come from the heart and pen and skilled musicianship of our very own Catherine Conger! I’m really excited to hear what she is putting together for us!

Prayer for the Healing of Creation

“God, renew”

The “Prayer for the Healing of Creation,” like the “Prayer for the Healing of the Nations” comes out of Singing our Prayer: A Companion to Holden Prayer around the Cross.

The assembly’s continuing response in “Creation” is “God, renew.” That comes between each petition and becomes, effectively, a chanted prayer for renewal. This and “Nations” are some of my favorite litanies of all time.

The Psalm today was a selection from Psalm 98.